Invoicing after gigs

After each event you work you will need to fill out our Photo Ambassador Invoicing and Event Experience form. We use a service called Payable, previously called Tiempo, to keep track of gigs that you’ve invoiced us for.

You do not need to enter the hours you work into Payable directly. They will be added based on the info you enter on the invoicing & event feedback form. After submitting the form, you’ll receive an email confirmation for your records. To fill out the form follow the instructions below. 

  1. Click into your gig in nexus
  2. Click "Send Invoice" button
  3. Confirm the details of your invoice, updating the timing if your gig ran long.
  4. Enter your feedback and you're good to go!


Accessing Payable

You will receive an invite in your email after the first gig you work. You can access the site at and they have mobile apps for iPhoneand Android

Adding your Payment Info for Direct Deposit

Payments are made to you via Direct Deposit ACH transfers. You will need to add your bank account number, routing number and some additional info into your Payable account settings. All of your personal info is transmitted and stored securely on Stripe, an industry-leading payment processor that Payable uses for their payment processing.


You will also use Payable to record eligible reimbursements and mileage.  When you log in to your Payable account, you’ll see a big plus (+) button to add an entry. Click that button and you’ll see Hours, Activities, Reimbursements and Mileage.

Adding a Reimbursement: 

To enter a reimbursement, select Reimbursement from the dropdown. Then enter the date of the event you worked and select the related Service from the dropdown. If necessary please enter the

Adding Mileage: 

When adding mileage select Mileage from the dropdown and then enter the date you worked, the round trip mileage and a screenshot of the trip in your GPS app (Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Garmin, etc.)

Note: When recording reimbursements the most important thing is to include a photo of your receipt and/or the screencap of your trip on a GPS app. You are eligible for up to $50 in reimbursements for each event you work for any parking fees, taxi/train-fare and mileage.

You can also use Payable to invoice clients for other freelance work that you do outside of working for Pretty Instant.  More about using Payable for other work here.

Payment Schedule: 

You will receive payment for all Pretty Instant work via ACH transfer within 15 days of filling out the Photo Ambassador Invoicing & Event Experience form located at You can follow the status of each payment in your Payable account.  Unless otherwise noted in writing, our current rates are outlined in your photo ambassador contract.

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