Pretty Instant Express  is designed to give everyone access to professional photography nationwide with our easy to use booking platform.   We've outlined the full process for our photogaphers below.


  • Clients can book a Pretty Instant Express shoot online through our website in 90 seconds. These bookings can be made months in advance or sometimes with as little as a couple of hours notice.
  • If a specific photographer is not requested by the client, we put out a general photographer call via SMS based on their proximity to that gig’s location. 
  • Once you're notified of a gig, we ask that you respond by logging into Nexus and accepting or declining your gig.  You will receive a follow up message to confirm whether you are assigned to work the gig or if we need you to be on standby. If you're accepted then details of the gig are then shared with you.
  • Twenty-four (24) hours before the event we send your name and phone number to the client in case of any last minute changes. You will have access to the client’s name and phone number in case you need last minute help finding your meeting spot.



  • Don't forget to smile :)
  • We assign a 15 minute call time to each gig so that you have time to get set up, stash your camera bag, jacket, etc.  Please take advantage of this time because you are compensated for it.
  • Introduce yourself to the people you meet as the Pretty Instant photographer and ask for the client's on-site contact by name. You will find this in the gig details in your Nexus Dashboard.
  • If a shotlist is not provided please ask the client if they would like any specific shots during the booking.


  • Set your camera to the smallest possible RAW format. This makes uploading faster and still gives us the data we need to process the photos for the client.




  • Be present at the shoot at all times and not on your cell phone. Bathroom and water breaks are no problem but please let the client know before taking abreak, where possible. 
  • If there is a client-provided shot list, please focus on that first or manage the timing throughout the shoot to ensure all requested photos are captured.
  • Check in with the client periodically to see if they have any new photo requests.
  • At the end of your scheduled gig, please check in with the client before you pack up. Often times there might be one last shot that they want you to capture for them. 
  • If the client requests you to stay longer and you are available to stay, please accept and we will update their booking and compensate you for the extra time. If you do stay late please let us know as soon as possible by contacting Gig Support. 
  • Say goodbye to the client and thank them genuinely for engaging Pretty Instant.




 On occasion the client will not understand how the payment process works and will offer to pay you on the day of their event with cash or credit
card. If this occurs kindly tell them that all payments are made online with credit card or PayPal when the photos are delivered (typically 72 hours after their event) and to contact with any questions.



NOTE: If the client offers you a cash tip when you’re leaving an event, please say thank you but you are unable to accept cash tips.



If the client asks when they can expect to get their photos, please tell them that they will receive their edited photos within 72 hours of the end of the event. If they need them faster, please inform them that there is an additional rush delivery fee starting at $50, but we are happy to deliver them faster and that they can contact to request rush delivery.

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