Major League Lacrosse Test Edit


We’ve identified two games from the 2016 season which should give us a good idea of your editing capabilities. Below you’ll find a link to download photos from two in-game edits, one shot under excellent conditions and one not so much. Please aim to deliver between 10 to 20 photos per edit. There will be two edits per game, but in this test edit you will only be doing one edit per game.

These images need to be edited in Lightroom, and then exported following the specifications outlined below. We want the images to “pop” with a nice amount of color and contrast so that the image is bright, sharp, and appealing. 

  • The images need to be cropped so that about 50% of the frame is focused on the player in possession of the ball. 
  • Please try to avoid images which feature empty stands in the background of the image, or crop them so they are less noticeable. 

If there are images from the download which you don’t believe are high quality enough to be passed on to the client, you may delete them at your discretion. The photos have already been culled by the photographer, so you may not need to delete any from these edits.

Please note what time you start and finish the edit (not including download or upload time)

You will find links to both downloads below

If you are not sure, keep the photo rather than delete it.

The idea here is not to retouch the images - just basic adjustments in Lightroom:

    • Similar brightness
    • Similar tone and white balance
    • Appropriate contrast and sharpening

Crop/Rotate: Please ensure the photos look professional and where possible crop out any unwanted background distractions, such as empty stands, etc.

  Copyright: Pretty Instant, Inc

  Copyright Status: Copyrighted

  Copyright Info URL:

  Creator: PHOTOGRAPHER’S FIRST & LAST NAME for Pretty Instant

Rename the files to the following convention: BOOKINGID_Sequence_OriginalFileName

Example: If your raw file is titled xmj220.cr2 and your booking ID is 1234, your first exported jpeg would be titled 1234_0001_xmj220.jpeg, the next would be titled 1234_0002_xmj221.jpeg, etc.

Export as JPEGs at quality 100 with an sRGB colorspace. Resize to 3.5 to 4MB per file, at 300 pixels per inch.

Deleted Images: For the purpose of this test edit, please place any deleted images in a separate folder for us to review. 

Send along the edited photos via our transfer page here in two separate transfers, one upload per edit.

In the transfer form please include your name, email address, four character booking ID and the start and end time of the test edit.



Name: MLL Week 14 @ Denver
Photographer: Ron Chenoy
Booking ID: IWNK
RAW Photos: Download photos here


Name: MLL Wk. 5 @ Chesapeake
Photographer: Jermain Rangasammy
Booking ID: QzpR
RAW Photos: Download photos here

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