Welcome! The photographer handbook is a training and reference guide, which outlines important aspects of being a Pretty Instant photographer. In order to be eligible to work an Express or Interactive gig, you must review each section and  successfully complete the quiz.

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There are several ways to contact us if you have a question.

Gig Support: 

Voice/SMS: 617-841-7832

Email: gigsupport@prettyinstant.com

In-App chat in Nexus & Shoot

General Support: 

Email support@prettyinstant.com or In-App chat in Nexus




We shoot all of our Express gigs in the smallest RAW format that your camera supports. We do this in order to ensure that we can adjust the exposure and white balance where necessary without degrading the quality of your image. Please do not shoot in JPG. 




Immediately after your gig please transfer all RAW files to us for editing. Please keep a copy of the files for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure that the files were transferred successfully.                                                                                                      

How to Transfer Photos

1) Login to your nexus dashboard. At the top of your dashboard you’ll see a big pink banner that says, “Photos to Upload!”.

Click the “Begin Upload” button next to the gig that you just worked. 

2) Your file uploader for this gig will load with all info already entered for you.

3) Select all of the photos you shot, add any notes for the editors and then click the “Start Upload” button.

NOTE: Photos must be transferred to us for editing within five hours after your gig ends. If you are unable to upload within this time frame, please contact Gig Support with the estimated delivery timeline. 

Failure to send the photos within this timeframe on a consistent basis may impact whether you are hired for future gigs.


For gigs that don’t have a specific dress code or uniform, photographers are to wear professional clothing to Pretty Instant shoots. Our brand colors are black, white, grey, and pink, so try and keep it in that range. We try to maintain a metropolitan, Virgin Airlines-brand-style approach to fashion, so keep it classy, clean, and fun!

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