Real Estate Guidelines

For Pretty Instant Real Estate shoots, our clients are looking for a mix of wide and medium focal length images which showcase the space. The photographer should be shooting at a high aperture, locked down on a tripod.  

To ensure an accurate perspective of the space please keep vertical lines, like walls, door frames and counters, parallel with the frame of the image. This will help facilitate more mindful compositions, and ensure the entire space is tack sharp in the image. 


  • 3 Bracket HDR imagery. +1EXP, 0EXP, -1EXP (If lighting conditions in a particular room warrant it you can expand to 5 bracket for that shot. 
  • Shoot locked down on a tripod to ensure no movement between exposures. 
  • Images will be composited in post by our editing team.
  • DO NOT shoot with flash
  • Unless specified otherwise no additional lighting is necessary.

Recommended settings:

  • ISO Under 800
  • Aperture Between f/11 and f/16
  • File Size: Smallest RAW available.

Required Equipment:

  • Tripod
  • Wide angle lens (between 17 & 24mm)
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  • Each home is different. Getting a feel for the space before picking up the camera will give you an idea of how you want to shoot it.

    You’ll start to mentally note the best angles and what small items may need to be moved. This also gives you the opportunity to ask the homeowner to move items.

    Additionally, it lets you know which spaces are ready for you. And which spaces may need a few more minutes of tidying up.

    Knowing this will let you know in what order you’ll want to start taking real estate photos. Here are some good photo-shoot example of Arabian Ranches Villas in Dubai , Middle East photographers are so professional.

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