Handbook: Major League Lacrosse In-Game Editing

We are the official photographers for Major League Lacrosse (MLL). Our photographers spend most of their time shooting the players on the field, but they do also take photos of fans in attendance. As part of our agreement with the League we edit photos twice per game and upload them to the Major League Lacrosse gallery so that their social media contacts can promote the games. 

At half time the photographer is instructed to upload 10-20 of their best game photos. This includes at least one one goal celebration for each team and action shots of both teams on the field. They are instructed not to include face off photos, setting and pre-game photos, and fan photos. All photos received are pre-selected by the photographer and do not require culling.

  1. You will receive an email notification when photos have been received by photographer. 
  2. You will then download the photos from our system and batch edit them via Lightroom or an equivalent. 
  3. You will upload photos to the appropriate game gallery via the SmugMug plugin (Plugin instructions below).
  4. You will then click a button in our system that notifies the teams and social media contacts that the photos are ready to view.

Immediately after the game the photographer is instructed to upload 10-20 of their best game photos. These photos should be balanced between both teams. This upload should include goal celebrations, action shots, face off photos, setting and pre-game photos, fan photos in the stands.  

  • Follow the same procedure as outlined above.

NOTE: If there are any issues with the photos that the editor sent you will contact support@prettyinstant.com

Issues could include: 

    • Missing and/or incorrect photos
    • You did not receive the upload from the photographer
    • The photographer did not shoot in Full RAW

Editing Instructions:


You will find links to download images in an email once the transfer from the photographer is complete. 


If you are not sure, keep the photo rather than delete it.


The idea here is not to retouch the images - just basic adjustments in Lightroom:

    • Similar brightness
    • Similar tone and white balance
    • Appropriate contrast and sharpening

Crop/Rotate: Please ensure the photos look professional and where possible crop out any unwanted background distractions, such as empty stands, etc.


  Copyright: Pretty Instant, Inc

  Copyright Status: Copyrighted

  Copyright Info URLwww.prettyinstant.com

  Creator: (PHOTOGRAPHER’S FIRST & LAST NAME) for Pretty Instant


Rename the files to the following convention: BOOKINGID_Sequence_OriginalFileName

Example: If your raw file is titled xmj220.cr2 and your booking ID is 1234, your first exported jpeg would be titled 1234_0001_xmj220.jpeg, the next would be titled 1234_0002_xmj221.jpeg, etc.

Export as JPEGs at quality 100 with an sRGB colorspace. Resize to 3.5 to 4MB per file, at 300 pixels per inch.

Lightroom Presets

Here is a link to the Lightroom presets that our editors worked from last season.  The presets are quite general but add basic corrections like Contrast, Clarity, Saturation and exposure depending on the selected preset.  The white balance for the images must be adjusted manually. These presets are not by any means necessary but might help speed up your editing time.  

Smugmug Plugin Installation

The SmugMug installation guide found online is a comprehensive explanation of how to install the necessary plugin to your current version of Lightroom.  We will provide you with a login and password for the destination account once you’re all setup.  

Just email support@prettyinstant.com and title your email “MLL SmugMug Access”

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