Handbook: Major League Lacrosse

We’re excited to have you shooting for us as part of our work with Major League Lacrosse during the 2019 season! This handbook is a living, breathing, document that gets updated with each lesson we learn from all of the shoots across the country.

Our Relationship with Major League Lacrosse

The MLL is an up and coming league, and is actively learning what photography works best throughout their channels. We are excited to help them share the experience of the games, and work with them week to week to refine and optimize our photography deliverable to them. With this in mind the deliverable tends to change slightly from week to week. The purpose of this handbook is to outline the info you’ll need for these shoots to run as smooth as possible.

Have questions or feedback?

If you have any questions please call or text 617–841–7832 or email gigsupport@prettyinstant.com .



CALL TIME: Unless otherwise noted, call time for each game is thirty (30) minutes prior to game time. The exact call time is found in your nexus dashboard and corresponding calendar invite. This call time allows you time to get your bearings, connect with the on-site contact, and set up equipment before photographing the pre-game shots outlined in the run of show below.

If you don’t need the full 30 minutes feel free to capture some additional photos of pre-game festivities as this is paid time.


MEDIA CREDENTIALS: Your photo & parking pass (if applicable) will be available at Will Call. Provide your name to the attendant at Will Call, and inform them that you’re shooting for Pretty Instant Photography. If there are any issues with your credentials please get in touch with your on-site contact and they will assist you with any last minute issues.

If you’re scheduled to shoot multiple MLL games you will use the same media & parking pass for each game.


GEAR STORAGE: You will be able to store your laptop and any extra gear/belongings you have in the press box. The location of the press box is in your nexus dashboard.


INTERNET ACCESS: You will be able to use the press box to upload photos during half-time, and post-game, as outlined in the run of show below. Wifi or wired internet will be provided by the on-site media contact, however you will need to provide your own laptop.


This section is meant to provide some guidance, to show what types of shots are most often used by the League. You still have creative freedom over the shots you take, this is just an outline of lessons learned as the season has progressed. 

FILE FORMAT:  Unlike other Pretty Instant shoots, we ask that you shoot in your full RAW setting for MLL games to ensure that we can crop the photos as much as necessary without losing clarity.


Shutter speed: We’ve found that keeping your shutter speed at around 1/1250 helps to keep the action shots nice and sharp.


Framing: We can crop in post, however, the MLL has specifically requested that the player with the ball should be the focus of the in-game action images, so please do your best to frame those shots as tight as possible.


Photography Angle: The MLL typically has fans sit on one side of the stadium. With that being said, please avoid taking too many photos of empty stands by standing on the opposite side of the field so that fans are in the background.


Any changes from the standard shot list requirements outlined belowwill be reflected in the gig details in nexus.

Setup & Setting Shots: These can be photos of sideline equipment, balls on the turf, empty goals, equipment on field, jumbotron, sponsorship logos along the field, fans in the fan zone, players warming up with helmets off, autograph signings post game, capture of sponsor ads on jumbotron, refs, any capture players drinking out of Powerade bottles,  etc


Photos of Both Teams: You are shooting for the MLL and not specifically for the home team, so please try to take an equal number of photos of both teams.


Face-off Shots: Capture some tight shots of the players at mid-field during both the pre- and post- face-off. 5 per game is a good goal.


Goal Celebrations: Capture at least 2 to 3 goal celebration shots of each team. These are used in game recaps to communicate the winning team.


Action Shots: Throughout the game, capture photos of players in the act of shooting or defending a player with the ball. Ideally it will be easy to tell who the players involved are.


NOTE: As a Pretty Instant Photographer, you are contracted to shoot for the Major League Lacrosse and not the individual teams. This means that it is important to capture both the home and away teams. Since you are shooting in a particular market, your on-site contact will be a representative from the local team. 

The on-site contacts have been briefed that if they need any additional photography, outside of what is outlined in this handbook, to request it through our booking form at www.prettyinstant.com .

If the on-site contact requests any additional photography that you feel you cannot complete while still satisfying the league's requirements, please direct them to call us at 888-551-6765 or to email support@prettyinstant.com .



We’ve put this outline together to provide you with an idea of how much time you’ll need to capture all the necessary shots and corresponding file transfers. It is not set in stone, and if you feel you need to work on your own schedule, feel free to do so!


PRE-GAME: Capture team running onto field, team lineup of both teams, and national anthem.


1ST QUARTER: Capture face-off, goal celebration, and game photos.


2ND QUARTER: Head into the stands and capture a mix of candid and posed photos of fans. Be sure to try and get a wide range of demographics and age groups, specifically the 20-25 year-old audience.  With about 5 minutes left in the quarter, head up to the Press Box to begin the half-time photo upload process.


FIRST HALF UPLOAD: Upload at least one good goal celebration for each team, a few action shots that show both teams evenly, and a few action shots that favor each team. Upload 10 photos total, all should be horizontal. No fan photos in this upload, please. See more info about our uploader below


3RD QUARTER: Capture face-off, goal celebration, and game photos.


4TH QUARTER: Capture face-off, goal celebration, and game photos and if applicable, that you have covered any specific requests from the shotlist in the calendar and nexus.

Be sure that you complete the second half 15 photo upload before you leave the stadium.


SECOND HALF UPLOAD: Head back up to the Press Box and select 10 to 15 of your favorite photos from the third and fourth quarter. A selection of action, goal celebration and face-off shots are preferable. A few fan shots can be included in this upload. See more info about our uploader below


FULL FILE TRANSFER: When you arrive back home, and within 5 hours of the game, please upload all of the RAW images from the shoot via the nexus uploader. Click the “Upload All Photos from Event” button in the uploads tab. See more info about our uploader below



We’re constantly working on the photo uploader to make it faster and more stable. If you have any issues with the uploader, please let us know and we can provide you with an alternative link. There is no need to spend time trying to figure out why the uploader isn’t working, our support staff is here to handle those issues for you.

Note: Our photo uploader currently works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you use Internet Explorer or Edge please download a supported browser or use our backup uploader located here. Please also make sure that you’re running the latest version of your browser.


1) Uploads from the Press Box: To begin an upload of your photos at half-time, and photos immediately after the game, click the corresponding “Launch Uploader” button at the bottom of your gig details page in nexus. This button will open our uploader in a new tab.

Select your RAW files and upload them there. Be sure to select, “Yes. This is the complete batch of files!”.


2) Full Upload from Home: Within five hours of the end of the game please upload all of the RAW files from the shoot by launching the “Upload Photos From Event” button. Now that your shoot is over this button will be active. Feel free to remove any test photos if you have time, but it’s not necessary as our editors can do that for you.

Example of the Uploads section in nexus:


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