Interactive Management Requirements

Know the estimated arrival and drop off time for your gear:

Now with every interactive gear shipment we're scheduling the rig to arrive the day before your shoot and we’ll give you a date that we need it returned (usually the day after you shoot).  You can monitor it’s estimated arrival using the tracking number found in your contractor notes and you’ll also see the required drop off time too.  If you expect any delays returning the gear please be sure to let us know.


Please check-in your gear when you get it: 

Because the lithium ion batteries in the camera are so sensitive to cold climates there's a chance that the batteries have lost power in transit.  Please check the batteries and camera equipment to ensure that it's not broken or out of power when you open the box.  If anything needs charging, cables and battery chargers are included so you can get them charged up before the gig.  If anything is broken or the app isn’t working properly, please reach out to our support team ASAP so we can help troubleshoot and/or organize replacements.


Connect your camera and test the iPads:  

Due to the nature of our Interactive service there are a ton of variables that could cause issues on-site.  It's really important to test out your rig, start to finish, in your living room when you receive the rig.  This is so much easier while at home than under the client’s watchful eye during call time. Please connect the camera and send out test images to and (617) 500-1911 in the comfort of your home.  This way, if anything goes wrong, looks funky, or just doesn't work, we can jump on the phone with you and help you troubleshoot. 


Use your call time to test: 

We include a 1 hour paid call time for a reason, so please use it to test your rig on-site.  There's a whole hour ahead of your gig where you don't have to hustle photos or gather groups so you can connect and test the rig.  If anything goes wrong in that hour someone will always be available on the gig support number to help you fix it, but if you're running your first connection and test images at the very start of the gig then it's likely our client will ask why our team wasn't shooting.  Don't be that team, run your tests early!


It turns out we can't trust FedEx anymore: 

Due to several recent delivery incidents we've decided to stop doing door to door delivery.  Unfortunately this means that we need to start shipping our gear to be held at a FedEx location near your home rather than delivering directly to your house or apartment and you will need to pick this up before the gig. One other change is that instead of being in cardboard boxes, you'll just pickup and drop off a zip-tied Pelican case.  We've included extra zip ties in your case so that you can lock it before you return it to FedEx. 


A new Pick up and Drop off payout system:  

We understand that picking up and testing gear is time consuming, but it’s a very important part of the process.  Without you picking up and testing your rig issues on-site are much more likely to happen. To compensate you for this additional time we are adding a $25 pick up and $25 drop off payout on top of your site manager bonus.  These payouts will be included any time you need to go to a shipping center to pickup or drop off gear. These will be noted in nexus and added to your payout for you.

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