Pretty Instant Interactive is our social photography technology that allows us to immediately share photos from an event with the people in them.

You will work with a photographer who will take photos while you use an iPad to share those photos to guests via their email address, phone number or twitter handle.

At most Interactive gigs a Pretty Instant site manager will handle communication with the client and if necessary, provide technical support throughout the event. The client may still talk to you directly if there is a photo that they want you  to share.

If you have any questions at the event, please talk to your site manager or contact our Gig Support line directly.

Interactive Booking & Ambassador Staffing Process

  • Clients typically book our Interactive service several weeks in advance by requesting a quote.
  • As soon as we have the necessary details from the client a call goes out to our ambassador network. 
  • The first person to respond to a call will usually get staffed for the gig.



  • Check in with the site manager. You will be provided with the contact info of the this person in the calendar invite. 
  • If a uniform is required you will be given time to change into your uniform.
  • Connect the iPad to the hotspot
  • Open the Pretty Instant app & connect to the camera
  • Make sure the correct event and frame overlay are loaded by having the photographer take a test shot.
  • Familiarize yourself with the app interface scrolling through photos.
  • Once connected and familiar with the app please send a couple of photos to our test accounts so that our team can confirm that the sharing messages and photo branding is setup properly.  

Please send tests to the following:


Phone: 617-500-1911

Twitter: @piapptest

  • If there is a slideshow or photo printing at your activation you will be provided with additional information regarding this.
  • Get familiar with timing and team chemistry by running through the entire photo sharing process with the photographer multiple times. 
  • Make the app disconnect a few times by turning the camera off and back on again to familiarize yourself with reconnecting the app and camera.

During the event

  • Stay within 15 ft. of the photographer at all times to ensure the app stays connected to the camera.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and how guests are reacting to the photographer.
  • Smile and be confident of the app and process 
  • Unless you can’t hear the guest or can’t spell the guest’s name, do not let them enter their own information.


  • Don’t take breaks at busy times of the event. If breaks are required your site manager will coordinate them for you.
  • If working with multiple teams try to rotate while taking breaks to ensure complete coverage of the event.
  • Be mindful of how you represent Pretty Instant while working and while on breaks.
  • Please do not check your phone when on the floor of the event.

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